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26th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 19. - 21. July 2012

25th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: July 21 - 23, 2011

International Street Art Festival

In 2011, the Pflasterspektakel, one of Europe`s largest street art festivals, celebrated its 25th anniversary. More than 400 artists from over 40 countries turned the city centre of Linz into a unique setting for international street art with great sophistication, including object and improvisation theatre, music of all kinds, dance, circus artistry, high-wire and fire acrobatics as well as clownery and comedic performance art.

Anniversary Specials

For the big anniversary production, a performance piece with various Pflasterspektakel artists (SILK & SICHER UK, Österreich u.v.m.: "SPIL") was developed and rehearsed during the festival.


Two selected production ideas (Circo Activo, Spanien: "Alone, so" & Theater Leela, Österreich:  "Circus Wende") were sponsored with Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarships and were premiered at the Pflasterspektakel. 

Theater Leela
Theater Leela



Im KünstlerInnen-Porträt:
Theater Leela: Circus Wende

One of the two productions that were sponsored with the Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarships.

Theater Leela: Circus Wende

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If you report on the Pflasterspektakel on Twitter or in Blogs, or if you publish photos or videos from the Pflasterspektakel on Youtube, Flickr or similar websites, please use the tag pflaster2011 or the hashtag #pflaster2011. After the festival, we will document the social-media-activities around the festival.