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25th Linzer Pflasterspektakel: 21. - 23. July 2011

Review of the 26th Pflasterspektakel – International Street Art Festival

At the 26th Pflasterspektakel from 19 to 21 July 2012, the city centre of Linz became a setting for international street art. Again the Pflasterspektakel presented an excellent variety of object and improvisation theatre, music of all kinds, dance, circus artistry, high-wire and fire acrobatics as well as clownery and comedic performance art at the highest level.

More than 210.000 visitors were inspired by the high quality of the performances of over 400 artists from all over the world. This year, for the first time, artists from Linz presented projects and works about art in the public space. The new Local Art program presented performances ranging from plays and actionist performances to painting art presented in the public space.

One of the daily program highlights were the Kaleidoscope Nights, presenting an exclusive variety show with a diversity of performance highlights. Due to the large interest, this year for the first time every evening two performances were presented.

The third production awarded with the Pflasterspektakel Production Scholarship of 10,000 Euro had its premiere at this year’s festival. The awarded idea by the group Novo Toque showed an extraordinary music theatre play dealing with a story of conquest playing out Latin American rhythms, magnificent costumes and a special production in the public space.

At the 26th festival edition audience and artists merged into interactive performances and celebrated a unique festival of creativity and lust for improvisation. Within the 26 years of its existence, the Pflasterspektakel has developed into one of Europe’s biggest street art festival and has become a cultural brand mark of the City of Linz.

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Impressions of Pflasterspektakel 2012:

Pflasterspektakel group picture

Opening parade


Theater Leela

Matthias Claudius Aigner

Duo Stahlweich




Im KünstlerInnen-Porträt:
Novo Toque

The power of critical mass and the story of a recapture in a music theatre play with Latin-American rhythms.

Novo Toque

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