Clownin mit Schirm

Bad Weather

Rain spectacle

In case of continuous rain with no prospect of improvement, the festival will be switched permanently to bad weather mode. Within an hour artists move to the alternative indoor locations, where most of the performances take place in shortened form.

Bad weather locations: Altes Rathaus, Arkade, Ursulinenhof, Schlossmuseum, LENTOS Kunstmuseum.

Bad weather programs will be distributed at the Infopoints and be available at www.pflasterspektakel.at

The children’s spectacle at the promenade and the performances in the LINZ AG Spectacle Tent also take place there during bad weather mode.

The bus replacement for trams as well as the roadblocks will be lifted in case of bad weather mode, i.e. a permanent indoor program.

Thunderstorm Spectacle

During thunderstorms and short rain showers the program pauses. The artists decide for themselves whether they cancel their performance in the rain.

The festival team is in constant contact with the weather station and endeavors to continue the festival program as quickly as possible. The staff at the Infopoints provide information about the current situation. On Facebook we inform especially in case of thunderstorms and rain interruptions.