Spectacle Oases

Discover these new venues that offer seating comfort and a relaxed ambience. The 7 Spectacle Oases are equipped with seating and are located away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. Here, too, the performances start every hour on the hour, the seats can be chosen freely and without seating tickets. Of course, you can also enjoy the performances standing or sitting on the stool you have brought with you.

The Spectacle Oases are distributed throughout the festival site and are marked with an »S« on the map.

S1: Kunstuni courtyard
S2: Klanghof Altes Rathaus
S3: Schlossmuseum Rosengarten
S4: Landhaus Arkadenhof
S5: Bischofshof
S6: Herbert Bayer Square
S7: Lentos Kunstmuseum

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