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For more than 30 years Pflasterspektakel is a meeting point for street performers from all over the world. It has become one of the largest and most successful busking festivals in Europe with around 100 participating companies and artists and more than 220.000 visitors within 3 festival days.

Pflasterspektakel is a busking festival. The organizer, the cultural department of the City of Linz, provides hotel accomodation including breakfast, a daily allowance and a contribution to travel expenses. For performing at Pflasterspektakel it is necessary to submit the online form during the call for application from 15 November to 15 January.

Pflasterspektakel 2022

The 34th festival edition will take place from 21 to 23 July 2022. It is planned to be a 3 days festival with street shows and special programs.

The application period already ended.

The call for application for the 34th Pflasterspektakel (21 to 23 July 2022) is over. The call for applications runs from 15 November till 15 January. Applications can be submitted via an online form.

Every year more than 800 companies and solo performers apply, out of which 100 acts are invited to the festival, half of them for the first time.

The invitation is sent via email until 1 March 2022.

Every year about 50% of the participants are invited for the first time. The number of acts is limited to about 100 companies or solo performers. Therefore we are not able to consider all applications.

At the “time and location reservation”, artists/groups choose their performance slots and locations according to the general festival regulations every day in the morning of each festival day. The festival staff assists and gives advice.

Every day 2 or 3 performances can be done. Performances start every hour on the hour within the festival times. Performance slots are 1 hour including set up and take down time.

For artists/groups with special performances (fire / pyrotechnics, loud music, Samba / percussion, fixed structures, mobile performances etc.) apply special conditions.

Official permits will be taken care of by the organizer.

Performance locations spread throughout the pedestrian zone, courtyards, squares and park areas in the city centre. In case of very bad weather, there are alternative indoor locations.

Additional performances can be done in the context of special programs like the “Kaleidoscope Night at the Circus Tent”, the “Nightline” or the “Lottery for special performance locations”.

Artists will be informed about additional performance possibilities when checking-in at the festival office.

No stages available.

Sound should only be emited to the surrounding audience in order not to disturb performances from neighbouring artists.

The number of performance locations with power supply is very limited.

The organizer does not provide technical equipment. Artists also have to bring their own extension cables, power distributors, tape, etc.

Artists receive a contribution to expenses for direct outward and return journey to Linz.

Proof of travel expenses (bills, tickets), dating back not longer than 17 July 2022, must be provided for payment. Travel expenses are reimbursed proportionally to the days of participation (one day = 1/3, two days = 2/3, three days = full contribution).

Irrespective of the travel distance, number of persons and actual ticket costs, the travel cost contribution is limited to a maximum of € 1.000,- per artist/group.

No cost reimbursement for companions.

Train / plane / public bus

Economy and 2nd class tickets are reimbursed up to a maximum of € 1.000,- per artist/group.

We kindly ask for early and low fare booking in order to keep travel costs to a minimum. Ticktes issued before 17 July 2022 will not be accepted for reimbursement.

Private car / bus

We offer a festival specific, staggered mileage allowance: 1 person: € 0,2/km; 2 persons: € 0,25/km; 3-5 persons: € 0,3/km and from 6 persons € 0,4/km up to a maximum of € 1.000,- per artist/group. Fuel receipts from the whole route, dating back not longer than 17 July 2022, must be provided for payment.

The organizer allocates € 25,- per diem per person and festival day to a maximum of 10 persons. Artists keep performance revenues (busking money).

For companions no daily allowance is paid.

Costs of overnight stays at hotels including breakfast will be covered by the organizer. Participants are usually accommodated in double and three-bed rooms in hotels located at the City centre.

For companions accomodation can’t be covered.

First port of call after the arrival in Linz for performers is the festival office at Hauptplatz (main square)! This is where the check-in happens and where you get all the information you need. The festival office offers changing and washing rooms and an exchange counter.

The team of the Pflasterspektakel at the check-in desk answers any queries!

The Pflasterspektakel Café located at the courtyard offers the possibility to relax as well as hot meals, snacks and drinks for a moderate price.

University of Arts Linz
Hauptplatz 6
4020 Linz

Coming from Salzburg, Wien, Passau, Graz, Prag: Linz Hauptbahnhof/Central Station
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Coming from Salzburg and Vienna: the A1Westautobahn-motorway, exit Linz/ Zentrum;
Coming from Prague and Freistadt on the A7 Mühlkreisautobahn-motorway, exit Linz/Hafenstraße;
Coming from Regensburg and Passau on the A8 Innkreisautobahn-motorway to the A1, exit Linz/ Zentrum or toll-free along the Danube on the B127;
Note: on Austrian motorways, a road charge “vignette” is compulsory!

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Free of charge shuttle service between the airport and Hörsching railway station (journey time: three minutes). From there, trains go to Linz every hour from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. (journey time: ten minutes).
The shuttle service can, of course, also be used for the return journey. The railway station inspector orders the shuttle on request.

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