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Children’s Spectacle & Workshop

Children’s Spectacle at Danube Park,
THU: 4 p.m. – 8 p.m., FRI & SAT: 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The Danube Park between Lentos and Brucknerhaus becomes a large playground for the little festival guests. Children can frolic in this shady spot with various action or skill games, romp around in the bouncy castle or do handicrafts and paint at various creative stations. Of course, the popular children’s face painting is again part of the comprehensive offer put together by Kinderfreunde Linz-Stadt and Kinderwelt OÖ.

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Kinderfreunde Linz-Stadt
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Live Sound Box workshop at LINZ AG Spectacle Tent,
for children aged 7-12, FR & SA 2 p.m.

Together with Celiin and Flora, the participating kids develop a live sound box. A cool sound is clapped, sung, played and stomped together. In the live sound box, the whole body turns into an instrument. A short “performance” in the spirit of the Pflasterspektakel, with rhythm, language and musical sound, can be seen and heard by the parents at the end.
Duration 90 minutes (15.20 final presentation, 15.30 pick-up of the children)

Registration for the workshop via e-mail to pflasterspektakel@linz.at by July 12, 2024
Registration with name, address and age of the child, telephone number of a parent/guardian, note on allergies or special needs of the child. Course takes place without adults.