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Around 40 performance locations are located in the city centre of Linz. Performances start every hour on the hour. Performance zones are Altstadt (old city centre), around Pfarrplatz, on Hauptplatz (main square), along Landstraße (pedestrian zone), Promenade and Herrenstraße.

The artists choose their venues and times every day, in the morning of the respective festival day. From the beginning of the festival (Thursdays 4 p.m., Fri and Sat 2 p.m.), the current daily program is available fresh from the press at all Infopoints and provides the schedule of the day. A little earlier, you will receive the daily program in digital form via the newsletter and as download.

Information on the invited artists and all activites can be found in the program booklet, which is available at the end of June.

Detailed artist portraits with description (in German language) and video can be found on our website. Here you can also search artists according to your favorite genre!

As the program booklet is in German language – though artists are presented with photos and symbols describing the category of their performance – the brochure „Pflasterspektakel in English“ helps you to get an overview and to keep track. The brochure is also available at the Infopoints as well as the program booklet.

In addition to the hourly performances at 40 locations in the various Pflasterspektakel zones, special program features provide for variety:

Linz 09 reloaded: On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of Linz as European Capital of Culture, we invite the light artists of Kolektif Alambik back to Linz. The fascinating video mapping have already thrilled the audience in the Capital of Culture year.
Opening Parade on Thursday at 4 p.m.
Street theatre in courtyards and at special places, starting at fixed times
Music Spots Klanghof Altes Rathaus and Landhaus Arkadenhof
Kaleidoscope Nights at the LINZ AG Spectacle Tent
Samba parade along Landstraße
Nightline in downtown pubs

Each artist or group performs for one hour at one location. After every hour artists change their locations, doing so several times a day. There are special locations for fire shows or music, all performance locations can be found on the map.

In street performances audience sometimes become part of the show. Be aware!

During the festival our six Infopoints are the places to go for information material, daily programs and for queries of all kinds:

Infopoint Hauptplatz (main square)
Infopoint Taubenmarkt
Infopoint Landstraße
Infopoint Altstadt
Infopoint Pfarrplatz
Infopoint Promenade

“No money, no music”! The artists don’t get fees as they perform for the busking money of the audience, as street performance is more than just the well-deserved applause. If you liked the performances, we kindly ask you to reward the abilities of the extraordinary artists appropriately!

At Infopoint Hauptplatz we provide an exchange service: Here you can exchange big bills to coins and small bills!

Street theatre venues are equipped with seats for which free seating tickets are required. Entrance to the Kaleidoscope Nights at the LINZ AG Spectacle Tent is only possible with seating tickets.

Free tickets are available on the day of the event at the beginning of the festival (Thu 4 p.m., Fri & Sat 2 p.m.) at the Infopoint Hauptplatz (main square) or 10 minutes before the performance begins at the various venues.

At the street theatre venues is also sufficient standing room for which of course no seating tickets are required.

For the seats at the Music-Spots no seating tickets are needed!

A maximum of 4 tickets per person/event. No (telephone) reservation! No seat guarantee after the presentation has started.

In case of continuous rain with no prospect of improvement, the festival will be switched permanently to bad weather mode, that is indoor program. Within an hour artists move to indoor locations, where most of the performances take place in shortened form.

In case of thunderstorms or heavy rain showers performances stop for a while. Artists decide on their own at what point they interrupt their performance. Some locations provide shelter and if so, artists sometimes improvise and performances are relocated in passages or under awnings.

As the weather is unpredictable longer cancellations can occur.

The staff at the Infopoints knows best about the actual situation and provides you with information about the program. We also keep you posted on Facebook.

In the program booklet, all artists are briefly introduced, special program features are described in more detail and the locations are presented. The program booklet is available at the end of June.

The daily program with the schedule is updated daily during the festival and available as printed version from the beginning of the program (Thu 4 pm, Fri & Sat 2 pm) at the Infopoints, or a bit earlier in digital form on the website and via the Pflasterspektakel newsletter.

This foldable cardboard stool is the perfect companion for a long day of street performances and easy to carry thanks to its handles. Purchase for 5€ at Infopoint Hauptplatz.

Replacement bus service for trams:
Thu & Fri from 4 p.m.
Sat from 3 p.m.

During the festival, the public transport company LINZ AG Linien will provide replacement buses for the tram lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 between Sonnensteinstraße/Landgutstraße and Hauptbahnhof. Shuttle buses run also between Landgutstraße and Sonnensteinstraße.

Important tip!
We recommend to arrive at the festival by public transport before the replacement bus service starts. During rush hour delays of replacement buses are likely.

The Pöstlingberg-line (No. 50) operates regularly from Hauptplatz.

The bus lines No. 26 and 27 are redirected in the surrounding of the Promenade on all three festival days, the line 192 on Thursday and Friday.

“Get-home-safely Tram” on Thursday
On Thursday when the festival ends the last tram runs into the direction of Auwiesen at 0.02 a.m. (stop Hauptplatz), and into the direction of Aufhof at 00.30 a.m. (stop Hauptplatz).

“Night Line” on Friday & Saturday
With the LINZ AG Linien comfortably through the night!
N82 Tram (Universität – solarCity)
N83 Bus (Hafen – Hauptbahnhof – Neue Heimat)
N84 Tram (Hauptbahnhof – Schloss Traun)

Ersatzhaltestellen Linienplan

Ersatzhaltestellen Linienplan

More details can be found at the concerned stops and here: Journey planner

Logo Linz AG Linien

Pflasterspektakel Linz temporarily turns the city centre into a pedestrian zone. For this reason there will be some obstructions for traffic during the festival hours (Thu: 4-11 p.m., Fri/Sat: 2-11 p.m.) and some time before and after.

We highly recommend residents to reduce car driving to a minimum. Festival visitors are recommended to arrive by public transport.

Zones in which traffic obstructions occurs:
Hauptplatz, Landstraße up to Mozartkreuzung, Altstadt, Tummelplatz, Theatergasse, Klosterstraße, Pfarrplatz, Adalbert-Stifter-Platz, Zollamtstraße, Pfarrgasse, Domgasse, Promenade, Herrenstraße, Spittelwiese, Betlehemstraße and Harrachstraße

The access to these zones is not possible, apart from residents, in large part.

Stopping and parking in these zones is not possible to a large extent. Some parking areas for resident disabled persons will be temporarily transferred, like to Westrampe of Hauptplatz (from Hauptplatz West), to Adalbert Stifter Platz (from Pfarrplatz), to Herrenstraße (from Spittelwiese), to Zollamtstraße. Further parking areas for disabled persons are to be found at Promenade 31 and Tummelplatz.

Taxi stands will be relocated to Untere Donaulände 1 (underneath Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz), corner of Graben and Kollegiumgasse („Rox Musicbar“), Promenade 39 (Landestheater Linz).

During the festival the public transport company LINZ AG Linien will provide replacement buses for the tram lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 between Sonnensteinstraße/Landgutstraße and Hauptbahnhof. Shuttle busses also run between Landgutstraße and Sonnensteinstraße. (Thu & Fri 4-11 pm, Sat 3-11 pm).

The Pöstlingberg-line (No. 50) operates regularly from the Hauptplatz. The bus lines No. 26 and 27 are redirected in the surrounding of the Promenade on all three festival days, the line 192 on Thursday and Friday.

Detailed information: Journey planner

The city centre of Linz with the pedestrian zone Landstraße, the second largest shopping street in Austria, is offering a large number of shops and gastronomy.

During Pflasterspektakel restaurants, inns and cafés provide cozy places to rest as well as culinary delights. Besides food stalls from innkeepers all over the festival area – marked as Pflasterspektakel gastronomy partner – offer drinks and snacks to go.

Linzer City Gastronomy